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Tadmore Farms

At Tadmore Farms our goal is to produce quality Shorthorn & Shorthorn Plus cows using the most advanced techniques available to the modern breeder. We have a successful AI/ET program using “All American” donor cows and bulls with winning off-spring. Our “plus” program uses red angus & maine donor cows and some composite bulls.

We promote and support FFA & 4H young people offering quality cows at reasonable prices. Our “show consultants” continue to provide assistance to the families who buy our show heifers and steers by home visits, phone conversations and clinics where they can learn how to feed, groom and show their animal to its best potential.

The name “Tadmore” originally came from my great-great grandfather’s homestead “Tadmor” built in 1855 and located on the mouth of the Colorado river. The house was octagon shaped, three stories with 18 inch walls and made from oyster shell concrete. It surpassed the civil war and stood through many storms and hurricanes but, in 1962, Hurricaine Carla finally brought it to the ground leaving only the chimney & foundation.

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